Welcome to Flatland Investment Group LLC

Flatland Investment Group is a holding company based in the Kansas City, Missouri area. We own a number of high technology IT and Aerospace firms.

What We Do

Building profitable businesses.



Seed Investment

Flatland re-invests a large portion of its revenues in early stage startups.



Wholly Owned

Flatland wholly owns several tech firms in Software and Aerospace industries.


Joint Venture

Partnerships & JV

Flatland has partnerships with a number of global businesses.

About Us

Our Company

Flatland Investment Group was formed to hold spinoff companies and technologies created at Flatland Industries (now NDX Software).

Founded in 2006 in Lawrence, Kansas, Flatland Industries was formed with the mission "Improving lives and businesses through software".  Flatland engineers were, and are, prolific developers of new technology and quickly spun off a travel publishing division and space propulsion division.  Flatland Investment Group was formed as a holding company contain the quickly growing list of companies and technologies emerging from Flatland Industries.  Flatland Industries is currently one of the leading providers of IT consulting, software engineering and cloud infrastructure services in the world.

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Latest News

Business developments
  • NDX Cloud

    NDX Software announces NDX Cloud, pay as you go cloud & data services from NDX.

    August 30, 2018
  • NDX Software

    Flatland Industries is now NDX Software. Our first company has re branded to reflect its primary mission of building great software.

    July 4, 2017
  • Uptown Vagabond

    Flatland Group invests in Uptown Vagabond travel publishing.

    November 18, 2015

Products & Services


A sample of the products and services offered by Flatland Group firms.

  • Search Engine Architecture
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Aerospace Accessories
  • Software Engineering
  • Travel Publishing
  • IT Consulting

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